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Jobote is a great tool that makes our work more efficient and widens our pool of candidates. I would definitely recommend this tool to anyone who is ready to explore new perspectives in recruitment.

~ Markéta Stixová, Pixmania
Thanks to Jobote, our open job positions have been viewed by thousands of people in a short period of time. We've received hundreds of applications for different positions. We believe that we will be able to hire several talented candidates for Webnode. Jobote has a great team of people that are a pleasure to cooperate with. The cooperation is fast, friendly and professional. Try Jobote today, you will love it!

~ Andrea Novotná, HR Manager at Webnode

Referral Hiring Reimagined

How Jobote Works for HR

  1. 1 First create an advert. In it describe the vacant position, the requirements of the applicant, & offer a reward for referrals. Then, distribute the reward link among your colleagues.
  2. 2 Your colleagues simply open the reward link & create a unique Jobote link.
    Employees share this trackable Jobote link with their friends on social networks.
  3. 3 Employees' friends apply for the open position directly through your branded job advert.
    Each candidate can then be tracked through the application process with Jobote's lightweight, user-friendly tracking system.
  4. 4 You hire a new employee & the colleague who makes the referral receives a reward.


Prevent The Bad Hire

Jobote saves you 70% in recruitment costs by eliminating dependence on external job agencies. Jobote streamlines referral hiring. Referral candidates are 20 times more likely to get hired than applicants from other sources. It can cost a company 150% of an employee's salary if they leave within the first three months of their start date. Yikes.

Don't waste time or money on bad hires. Use Jobote and increase employee retention. Employee referrals stick with your company 46% longer than any other applicant type. If you have a referral hiring program at your company, you already know referral hiring works. Why not automate it today?

Try Jobote today. Employees will thank you.


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